Elbow pain

Do You Have Elbow Pain?


What we’re seeing a lot right now – people with elbow pain. Kids and adults. So, I don’t know why so much right now, but all of a sudden we’re starting to get a lot of people that get elbow pain. There are typically a couple reasons for it. One is, usually with the kids, it’s from throwing or pitching. With the adults it’s usually more of a tennis elbow type thing.

All this is is a over usage. Typically from so much computer work, doing palm down activities, or neutral hand positions, but it gets overworked and they get a lot of pain in their elbow. It is hard to do a lot of things when you have elbow pain, especially the tennis elbow parts, because so many things we do with a palm down or neutral grip, and continuing these movements can be aggravating to that.

The hardest thing about getting tennis elbow better is they’re so easily re-irritated that people keep aggravating them. It makes it very hard for it to go away because the best treatment for tennis elbow is avoidance of the painful factors. Now there’s other things that we do to help speed that along, but if a person does not avoid what’s causing the pain, they just keep it irritated.

You can start getting better and then go and do something and re-injure that up again, then you’re starting right back over rehabbing. So, what we’d like to do today is give you a few home treatment options or suggestions to try if you have an elbow pain. And some of this will be dependent upon the type of elbow pain you have. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel to watch the tips and exercises we provide.

  These tips and exercises will be generic, but they are things you can try on your own at home for elbow pain.

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