What Is A Functional Movement Screening?

What I want to talk to you about this month is something new we are offering here at the clinic. It is called a Functional Movement Screening. This is a test consisting of seven different movement patterns that are based on primitive patterns, meaning primitive patterns are how we all learned to get up from the ground as an infant. These weren’t taught to us. So an infant, when you pay attention to them, you’ll notice that they start on their back, then they eventually go to their stomach, then they go to where they’re leaning up, then they will go to half kneeling, sitting, eventually standing.

So there’s a bunch of movement patterns that we all have that we are born with. It’s not taught to us, but it’s how we go from the ground to standing. So these seven tests are a way of measuring how people move now, because a lot of times there can be deficiencies in movement or asymmetries. So one side doesn’t move the same way that another side does. So this is a screening, and all that means is it’s going to give us a chance to look at how you move, that looks at seven different patterns. With these patterns we will see what motions or movements need to be worked on. So is there a mobility problem, meaning that you have a lack of motion somewhere in a joint which can lend itself towards an injury? Is there a lack of stability where you can’t stabilize your body well which could be a precursor to an injury? We will find out!

Also with this functional movement screening, you’re going to get a printout of an exercise program to be doing at home that does not require any equipment. It will also explain the movement patterns, the importance of them and what you might need work on. What this does not do is tell you that if you don’t score well on this test, you’re going to get injured. It’s just, like I said, a screening. We’re starting to do it  on our athletes, and the general population because it gives them a chance to see, “Okay, what can I work on to help me possibly not get injured, or at least to be able to move better so I don’t start getting aches and pains.” We are now offering this service in our clinic here. If you are interested in this, contact us at fitness4lifept.com.

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