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Why The Thoracic Spine Is So Important

What we’re going to talk about this month is a big part of the body that gets overlooked quite a bit – and that is the mid back or the thoracic spine. Why the thoracic spine is so important is because, number one, nowadays people are in such rounded forward postures, working on computers, cell phones, or just sitting in general, and they get used to sitting with a rounded spine in the mid back area. A lot of times as people age, you see them staying in this position all the time because they’ve done it so long. Now they are basically locked in that position.

The problem with that, besides that it just doesn’t look good, is that it changes all the joint positions and the muscle links in that area so they don’t work as well. For example, without good thoracic spine mobility, which means being able to extend it and rotate it, you can’t use your shoulder as well.

A lot of times with shoulder issues, it’s not the shoulder itself that’s causing the problem, but it’s the mid back, the upper back, the thoracic spine. As a demonstration, if Brian stands here like this, and rounds you a little bit, then tries to raise his arm straight up in front, his range of motion is diminished.

If he corrects that, then he’s able to have full mobility of his shoulder joint, and this is what we’re getting at. Shoulder problems, a lot of times without ever touching the shoulder, clear up simply by clearing up the mid back. That’s one reason why this is so important. That’s why we harp on the postures all the time when you’re sitting. Plus, when you get to be my age, you don’t want to be hunched all over walking like that.  

The exercises this week are going to focus on ways that you can work on restoring your thoracic spine. Make sure you like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow along and learn more.

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