3 Muscle Groups That Will Improve Your Golf Game

Let’s talk about your golf game. Everybody that comes in this clinic nowadays is playing golf, it seems like, or they want to try to improve their golf game, or they want to get started in golf. There’s a couple key things that you need to think about when you start getting into golf.

For you to have a good golf swing and to not cause a problem somewhere else in the body. There’s three main areas of the body that you have to be mobile in, and you have to be able to control. Starting from the ground up, your feet and ankles have to be able to move well.

Hips are the main source of everything. So pay attention to your hips, glutes, and hip joint. That’s the power source. That’s what drives everything. You have to be mobile there. You have to be able to control that.

Finally, your upper back has to be mobile and has to be able to turn also. If any of these areas don’t have the mobility that you need, your body’s going to make it up make it up elsewhere.

And the problem with that is it makes it up somewhere where it shouldn’t. If you can’t rotate that upper back good, that can limit your shoulders. That then can put more stress on your shoulders, and cause shoulder pain. If you can’t rotate your hips and your upper back, it’s gonna go into your lower back. And that’s why a lot of golfers have back pain. Feet and ankles that can’t rotate and move well can cause knee issues.  

But be advised that all three of those areas have to work together. It’s not individualized. So any one of them can cause a problem anywhere from the ground to the end of your fingertips.

So our tips this week are going to be demonstrating different exercise moves that you can do to get your body ready to go out and play golf and have a good time. Can’t guarantee it’s going to reduce your score, but you can always hope!

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