Glute Muscles – The Power Source Of Your Body

George Harrison said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” So what we want to do today is know where we’re going and take you down a good road, and that road is going to take us to the butt.

Okay, here’s why that’s so important. The glute muscles are the biggest muscles in the body, they have a lot of range of motion, and it’s basically command central, if you will. It’s the center of everything, because from the ground up everything goes through the butt through those glute muscles. From the top down, everything goes through there.

As the motion and strength in that area goes, the rest of the body kind of follows suit. So if your butt’s working good, if you’ve got the motion, if you’ve got the strength, then a lot of other things in the body will work better. Also, any athlete knows that’s the power source. If you look at the power athletes, not the marathoners, but the power athlete, they all have well defined butts because that’s the muscle that gets them there.

So I’m gonna teach you a new word today, and that word of the day is called FLADIN. FL is flex, abduction is the AD and internal rotation is IN, what that means is flexion. We’re talking the upper leg and the pelvis.

So flexion is bending forward, and adduction is when this upper leg comes inward. An internal rotation is when that hip is rotated. Those three motions are at the heart of very many functional activities.

You have to load the muscles of the butt in all those directions. In the bending forward direction, in the Leg coming inward direction and in the rotating direction because when you load them in those three directions The butt muscles get activated.

And there’s many other examples of how those muscles get turned on and so consequently, you want to train them. The example that nobody usually thinks about is walking. As soon as you take a step forward, your hip flexes a little bit, turning on, so it’s lengthening the back of the muscle. Your hip comes to the side a little bit as the other leg lowers.

Every step you take, you’re loading that muscle back there. So then that you can follow through again as you walk.   📍 Very important muscle group. Like I say, I call it command central. You want to strengthen it.

So in our next videos, we’re going to show you how do you train that. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn these exercises.

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