Why Your Feet and Ankles Are So Important For All Functional Movements

Foot and ankle stability and mobility is so important. Why? Because it’s the only two contacts with the ground that we have when we’re functioning and when we’re upright. And because of that, the foot/ankle connection is a big driver for all the movements that take place in our bodies from the ground all the way up to the top of our head.

Where the foot and ankle go allows the hip to function better. Which then because of the foot and ankle and the hip operating better, then the knee by default then is going to operate better. The foot and ankle also helps body provide stability, which means then that the trunk and the shoulder’s are going to function better.

In our next video series, we will show you some things to help stimulate the feet. because of their importance in everyday function. Now what we are big believers in is that you need to exercise with your feet on the ground because the muscles, the joints and the whole body actually functions better the way that it’s supposed to when your feet are on the ground.

The muscles and joints don’t work the same way when you’re laying on a table and just moving body parts around, in this case the foot and ankle. So as soon as your foot hits the ground, as my mentor Gary Gray said, everything changes.

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