Functional Exercises To Help You Avoid Injury Through The Holidays

Hi, Mark and Brian from Fitness for Life PT. Happy Holidays!

Typically this time of year, we might get snow so people are out shoveling. People are also out carrying things like packages and doing a lot of shopping. Basically everyone is doing a lot of stuff that they normally may not be doing.

Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t ready for these activities and they end up getting hurt. We’ve gotten a couple patients this week already injured just from loading boxes of Christmas stuff and loading packages in the car and all that, and they hurt their back because they haven’t been doing certain movements like this all year. It might not seem like it’s doing a lot, but it’s more than what their body’s used to.

Because of that you should always be prepared to be able to be functional with whatever you have to do. So what we want to do this month is give you some exercises that you can do at home that are functional because too many times people only move forward and backwards, but function is really side motions and rotational movements also.

Usually when we see people get hurt is when they go into those positions because they haven’t been used to doing them. What we thought we would do is give you some exercises you can do at home to train your body to be ready for these movements. You don’t need equipment. You’ll be able to do this on your own, and you don’t have to do a lot of it, but it’s a way of keeping you prepared for when anything comes up.

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