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Why Foot Strength Is So Important

Feet are the cornerstone of what the rest of your body’s gonna do.

Why? Because that’s the only two contacts you have at the ground. So as the feet go, the rest of the body goes. Your feet are designed to provide a stable base for you to do anything from – from walking to any type of lifting, to any activity that you do. They’re also designed in to conform to the ground.

Feet should be flexible enough to do that. So they need to stabilize you to absorb energy, to let you restabilize again, so you got a good push off when you’re walking. Or like I said, when you’re doing other things. So your feet, because of that, you want to walk with your feet pointed straight out.

We’ve talked about this in the past. A lot of people walk with their feet turned way out, which means their arches collapsed. They’re pushing off the side of their feet. They’re not getting a good push off. First thing I always look at with a new patient is their feet, because if they’re not good, if they’re not stabilized, then they’re not going to do well with anything else, no matter where their problem is in the body.

So we always talk about walking with your feet straight. Brian has good arches. It means his feet are stable. He’s trained the bottom of his feet, but when he walks, he walks with toes pointed straight out and pushing off the big toe. So focus on that. But what I want to give you today is a way of releasing tension in the feet.

People get a lot of a tension in their feet, and it works its way up. We suggest using two different balls. In the video, I labeled five points that you’re going to do. Watch the video for the areas.

So what you’re going to do is take a lacrosse ball, you could use a baseball, you could use a tennis ball. We like the harder ones. A little bit better than a tennis ball, but that will work.

Start with going to point number one and put some pressure on that. He’s not trying to kill himself, he is just gonna stand there for 30 seconds with that at point number one. Then he’ll go to point number two for 30 seconds, point number three, four, and five each for 30 seconds.

Then he’s going to take a smaller ball, like a marble, and then he is gonna repeat those same five areas with a smaller ball that gets the tissues more locally. So this is a great way to start your day. It’s a great way to relax your feet. It also sends input into your brain about your feet to get him to relax.

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