Mary Grose

I came to Mark not knowing if he could help me with my chronic hip pain. After he did a thorough evaluation, he immediately saw that my stance/walking/sitting and getting up were all wrong and he went about to improve these everyday positions/movements right away with several exercises aimed at strengthening the core especially the glutes. This reduced my limping and some of the pain that I was experiencing. Later when he introduced some new exercises which involved weight-bearing on my affected leg and I couldn’t tolerate them, he could see that this was not normal and referred me back to my doctor which I really appreciate. I may end up needing surgery but I am so glad I did this stint of physical therapy with Mark because I’m stronger and I’ve learned better body mechanics which as a nurse, I really need. And, in case I need surgery, I’m sure that I’ll recovery that much better. I have told so many people about Mark. He has a keen eye and is quick to share it with you and he is always so encouraging. Lastly, he, Pat and Sharon have created an atmosphere in their studio which is so friendly and relaxed — it was a pleasure to be there. Thank you, Mark!