Anna Brase

Many people get a break, sprain or twist once in their life, but how do you choose where you go afterwards? My name is Anna Brase; I go to EHS and I sprained my ankle the day before my freshman year started. It was awful and I had never experienced something like that before. I was an active person and didn’t want to hurt it more. I was in a cast for a week and a boot for 3 weeks. After, I knew I had to go to physical therapy, but where? I talked to some resources and I heard the name Mr. Mark Slaughter. He came highly recommended. My first day was great he taught me new exercises and motions to do with my ankle. I could barely stand on my ankle the first day. I continued to go every other day during the week and made great relationships with Mr. Slaughter and all the people in the work place. My ankle healed faster than I ever thought it would; everyday something new to do and everyday getting stronger. On my last day, honestly, I was upset I would miss everybody there, but my ankle was back to 100%! I remember on the last day being able to swing on the monkey bars and land with no problem. I would recommend that if you have to go to physical therapy Mr. Mark Slaughter is the one to go to, no matter your age. I can’t tell you how much he did for me. Thank you Mr. Mark Slaughter and your staff for everything!