Elisa Mallrich

After suffering a back injury while exercising and not getting any relief with the measures I was taking, I decided to try physical therapy. My care with Mark and his staff at Fitness4Life Physical Therapy was fantastic. My consult was thorough and he knew exactly where my problem was and gave me several strategies and exercises to do immediately. His insight into my overall posture has not only helped my back to begin the healing process but has addressed other health issues I’ve had including planter’s fasciitis and costochondritis.I use what I’ve learned through my PT with Mark and Sharon in my everyday movement patterns as well as when I workout.I have shifted my focus to realize that I need to do every rep as it is the only one and do it perfectly! I am trying to be patient with my recovery and realize that this is a way of life and it’s all about maintenance and prevention! When I get discouraged, they are there to encourage me through the process.