Strategies For Fall Prevention

Brian and Mark here at Fitness4Life PT, and we’re going to talk about a few strategies to hopefully help with fall prevention. Even though this is not the time of year or the season, we still actually see a lot of issues with falling onto the ground, especially as we age.

It’s an issue that knocks a lot of people out of the game. If any older adults have fallen and broken their hip, it’s very hard to come back from that. So what we’d like to do is give you a few strategies to work on that you can do at home. You don’t need any equipment, you don’t need anything. You just need to want to do it.

A lot of people in here now have complaints that they don’t feel steady on their feet, or, they are afraid of falling. And even if they haven’t fallen, there’s always that fear. You don’t have to be 90 or 80, even younger people are afraid of falling.

A few things, two quick things, before we get into exercises, is making sure you don’t have loose rugs or making sure you’re aware of what’s on the floor like kid’s toys. Also be aware of your pets walking around you. Those are things that we are seeing a lot of people falling over, so look for things around your home that you can be mindful of or eliminate altogether.

In our next video series, we’re going to give you some other strategies that you can do physically to help prevent falling. If you have not already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can follow along and learn. You will also find many more videos there to help you with a wide range of issues. Prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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