Susan Way

I had a unique issue that was causing problems with my breathing.  Initially, I was referred out to many different physicians (PCP, Neurosurgeon, Chiropractor, Pulmonologist, Cardiologist, Internist, and Orthopedic Physician).  I also underwent a plethora of tests and bloodwork.  As a heath care professional myself, I was beyond frustrated that no one could find an answer.  I was told over and over again that “everything was fine”.  After about a year, I began seeing an orthopedic physician who also specialized in acupuncture.  He tirelessly worked with me to discover that it was an issue with my abdominal muscles, which in turn were being affected by the position of my shoulder, my neck, and my posture.  All of this was affecting my ability to get an adequate breath.  While I was finishing up with acupuncture, my physician also recommended that I begin physical therapy to work on getting everything realigned and under control. This is where Fitness4Life PT came into my life.  I had been to other physical therapy places in the past, with no success, but several friends had recommended that I go see Mark and his staff at Fitness4LifePT.  I am so very thankful that I made my first appointment with them.  Mark, Lisa, and Sharon were all amazing!  And it was great to see interns there as well, learning from their expertise.  On my initial assessment, Mark took the time to REALLY listen to what I had been going through over the past year.  There was no doubting; he took all of that information and worked on a specialized plan to get me on my way to a healthier and happier me!  My breathing issue dramatically improved!   I worked with Lisa, Sharon, and Mark over a period of 6 months.  If something wasn’t progressing or something wasn’t working, they would switch up the plan until it did.  They gave me exercises and therapy that I could easily do at home.  They also took the time to do extra research on their own, so that even they could improve upon what they had initially set out to do.  That was amazing to me.  It truly showed how caring and professional they all were!  They were very calming and reassuring as well; something that goes a long way for a patient whose body is under stress or in pain!  Now, add into the mix the laughter that often filled the room (Thanks Mark for always putting a smile on my face!) and the cute little dogs offering their own dose of therapy, and you have the best physical therapy place around!  Special shout out to Pat for helping me figure out appointment times and being so flexible with my schedule! You rock!