Samantha Baker

I was diagnosed with scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) when I was in middle school and have suffered from mild to severe back pain ever since.  After seeing several doctors and a couple of specialists without much good news, it seemed I may have to suffer for the rest of my adolescent as well as adult life.  That’s when I started seeing Mark.  He helped in ways that even the specialists didn’t know to do and it’s changed my lease on life, how I do things, and has even allowed me to do more than I thought I could!  I recently just saw him again due to back pain but this time is different, I’m happy to say I’m 5 months pregnant but was not happy about the back pain.  Mark gave me tips on posture; everything from standing to bending over.  He also gave me simple exercises to do at home as well as at school while I have a break from teaching.  With his help, I am again pain free and back to enjoying my pregnancy!  Need a new lease on life or just a different way of doing things so you’re pain free?  He’s your guy and always has your best interest in mind!