Morgan Phelps

I spent years living with low back pain, yet trying to continue with my active lifestyle. My back would hurt as I helped on our farm, continued with yard work and even as I picked up my children. I felt very defeated. Yet despite the pain, I still tried to pursue my passion with fitness as a priority. For years I consistently spend 5 early mornings a week at the gym before my house wakes up and am a long distance runner. It seemed the back strengthening exercises recommended and common stretches experts would show me to incorporate into my routine, would only provide temporary relief. Some weeks, the pain was tolerable at best, and I would “push through” the aches and pains. Other weeks, the pain would be more of a stab and make it extremely tough to sit, stand, walk or carry on with my daily tasks, (most of which are not optional.) This vicious cycle had become my normal because I didn’t think there was much more anyone could do to help me. I didn’t have the time or patience for long office visits anywhere as they tried more trial and error attempts to fix me. (As much as I appreciated their efforts.) I would always leave feeling as if it was a “bandaid” fix but never cured the problem. Then one day I came across a friend online recommending Mark Slaughter. I’m so thankful I decided to call. He was so thorough at our initial consultation, and continues to be at each session I’m there! I immediately felt a new sense of hope and confidence after he spent time explaining the root of my injury and our plan of action to fix it. I have a huge respect for Mark’s extensive knowledge-base. He is on fire for helping his patients and combines his decades of experience in physical therapy with the latest research and techniques. I love his “no-nonsense” approach to my injury treatment. We immediately get to working when I walk in and within my first couple of visits I could feel a huge improvement in my back pain! Mark continually enforces proper technique on each and every repetition, teaching me how important it is to make each one count. He gives me plenty of homework to then take and do on my own. He has built up my overall strength, especially in my core, but also built my confidence in what my body is capable of. Thanks to Mark, I am pain-free and living my very active lifestyle to fullest potential!