Kristin McFarland

I came to see Mark at Fitness4Life Physical Therapy for physical therapy regarding a sciatic nerve issue.  At the time my doctor hadn’t investigated my issue with an MRI so we didn’t exactly know what the real issue was and thought perhaps it was an injury from working out incorrectly.  Mark showed me some simple exercises and made sure that my form was correct in order to help with rehabilitation.  He also used the Astym technique to help as well.  After each treatment using Astym therapy, I felt much better and I continued to do the exercises suggested by Mark. After six weeks, I was still feeling pain and Mark suggested that I go back to the doctor.  After an MRI, I found out that I have a herniated disc and was told that having surgery would be the only way to alleviate the pain and that rehabilitation without surgery was unlikely.  Due to not wanting back surgery, I continued to do the exercises that Mark taught me.  In about three months I was actually feeling close to normal.  After following the simple strategies that Mark showed me, I was able to not have surgery on my back.  I am grateful that Mark was able to help!  I highly recommend Fitness4Life Physical Therapy!