Kelly Olmstead

I remember the first day I walked into physical therapy with a full neck and back brace.  Fourteen broken bones (8 vertebrae, 5 ribs and a collar bone) and still recovering from a c-section, I knew the biggest challenge was ahead of me.  Mark was there from the moment he saw me.  He became my foundation over the next two and half years of treatment.  Mark’s therapy program is like no other as he understands and treats the mind, the body and the soul.   His personal connection with all his patients shines through physically, mentally and emotionally.  As a brand new mom, Mark and his staff welcomed my new baby as she spent 3 days a week the first year of her life in therapy with her mom.    I truly become part of a bigger family when I joined Mark’s program and that was the support I needed.  The atmosphere is extremely positive, encouraging and welcoming.  And the results!  Well, that is just simply amazing.  I remember the first day the neck brace was removed.  I had zero ability to turn my head.  I sat in a chair without the brace for a couple minutes and I was completely wiped out for the rest of the day and had to go home and sleep.  This was the starting point yet Mark never felt defeated.  My road to recovery with Mark was a journey but it was a positive journey that brought me back to normal life skills and functions.  I was able to hold my baby again, I learned how to drive again, I was able to go back to work full time and the pain kept improving.  When doctors said there was nothing more to do, Mark never stopped treating and I am so thankful that he did.