Francesca Cooper

I first met Mark over five years ago when I was struggling with neck and shoulder issues that were occasionally incapacitating. Little did I know the path upon which I was embarking: not only did Mark address and treat my neck pain, he introduced me to an entirely new way of exercising and living. It is no exaggeration to say that Mark has changed my life. At 45, I am without doubt the strongest I have ever been, and under Mark’s guidance I am still getting stronger! Everything Mark does is designed to meet people where they are – he decreases pain and increases confidence; he improves posture and diminishes poor movement patterns; but most importantly, he gives people whatever tools they need to live their best possible lives. His grasp of the body as a multi-faceted mechanism is unparalleled in the sport and fitness world today. He doesn’t believe in gimmicks, and there is no quick fix for anything. But at the same time, his work is incredibly intuitive and consistent. He knows what works for bodies, and his ability to motivate his patients and inspire change is truly awesome. Watching patients improve under Mark’s excellent treatment and support has been a highlight of my life over these past years. He is a remarkable therapist and an exceptional person. Thank you, Mark!