Dennis Kuba

I’m an avid bicycling enthusiast. Three years ago I had a total knee replacement and went to Mark Slaughter, owner of Fitness4Life Physical Therapy for my therapy.  Eight weeks later I was back on my bike and rode in a 34 mile bike race. Four months ago I had my other knee replaced and I returned to Fitness4Life Physical Therapy again for physical therapy.  Two months later I was again riding my bike at which time I hired Physical Therapist, Mark Slaughter as my trainer to strengthen my body for the upcoming biking season.  I’m 68 years old with two new knees.  I just purchased an all carbon fiber bike loaded with high end components and I’m riding 30 and 40 mile loops with my two sons at an average speed of 18 mph.  I owe a lot of gratitude to my Physical Therapist and trainer, Mark Slaughter.