April Slagle

I first met Mark after a shoulder injury. I couldn’t turn the steering wheel or lift milk out of the refrigerator. I had gone to see my Dr. who suggested physical therapy prior to an orthopedic consult. I will NEVER forget my first day with Mark. We talked briefly and in minutes he observed my posture, position of my feet while walking, and my squat form. All needed to be corrected. I have always been active and exercised I couldn’t believe I needed to change these things in order to stay healthy and get strong. I hadn’t played tennis or lifted weights in months because of my shoulder…in 2 weeks the pain was completely gone. Needless to say, I never left. I have been training with Mark and have learned countless ways to stay healthy and get strong. Mark spends his free time reading and researching. His knowledge is immeasurable and his care for his patients and the relationship he has with everyone who walks through his door is why people return. He does not specialize in one area of expertise. He is training athletes and rehabbing overuse injuries. He is getting someone back on their feet again after a hip or knee replacement. He is personally training and pushing people like me to do things that they thought their body was just not capable of. When you find something really great you want to share it with world…he is my something great. What I’ve learned is how to get strong and stay strong without injury. I’ve learned how to continue an active lifestyle and prevent an injury from happening. I look forward to walking in the door every single day at Fitness4Life Physical Therapy.