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Work & Sports Injuries

Mark PT on athleteEffective treatment of work injuries.

When you’ve experienced a job-related injury, there’s always apprehension that you may lose your job or not be able to return to the same job. We will expertly evaluate and treat your condition so you can get back to work faster than you ever thought possible. Then we go one step farther and show you how to prevent future workplace injuries.

Get back in the game with our powerful “Return to Play” Program.

With an extensive background in sports rehabilitation, we have the knowledge and experience to get you back in the game faster than you might think. We call it the “Return to Play” Program, and it’s made up of a combination of advanced therapies to increase performance in a wide variety of sporting activities, including golfing, tennis, baseball, running and more. We will:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your condition
  • Develop a customized program to increase your strength, mobility and endurance
  • Minimize your chance for reinjury
  • Enhance your performance
  • Work in close partnership with your doctor every step of the way

Visit our Athletic Center

Our office has most types of exercise equipment available for use during your customized rehabilitation program. Everything from a stairclimber, weight machines and treadmills to exercise bikes, free weights and more.

Mark training clients

For the best results, we utilize this equipment with advanced clinical approaches to promote quick recovery from your injury. We can design an individual program to optimize your physical attributes and enhance your ability to perform.