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Posted by on May 24, 2012 | 0 comments

Act Naturally and Breathe Deeply For a Happier Body!

Are you breathing properly?

It may sound like such a silly question, but chances are fairly high that you aren’t!

Most people commonly breathe through their lungs, and their upper torso – it’s just a natural thing that happens, but in reality, you should be breathing much deeper down in your abdomen.

As babies, we all start out life breathing correctly, but over time we tend to pick up the bad habit of breathing just into our lungs. The problem with this is that it takes more work for the oxygen to travel throughout your body. Not only that, but breathing incorrectly utilizes only 30% of the lungs (that’s right – only THIRTY PERCENT!) and can be the cause of tightness and pain in the neck and chest area. Even your spine can feel the pain from incorrect breathing!

In order to improve your breathing, you need to get back to basics! Check out Mark Slaughter’s video below to see if you’re breathing properly or not!

Want to see the steps? No problem! Check out the steps below!

Test – Lay down flat on your back. Place one hand on your chest and another hand on your abdomen. Breathe through your nose to see which hand moves. If your bottom hand moves, then you’re doing it right. If the top hand moves, then you’re breathing incorrectly.

Step 1 – Take 10 breaths through your nose.

Step 2- Lie on your stomach now. Place your hand on your back and breathe through your nose. You should feel movement going through your back.

Step 3 – Now go on all fours. Breathe through your nose. Your abdomen should push in and out.

Step 4 – Now sit! Be sure to sit up straight and breathe through your nose again. Your abdomen should rise and fall.

Step 5 – Stand on your knees now. Breathe through your nose and feel your abdomen rise and fall as you breathe in and out.

Step 6 – Now position yourself on only one knee. Be sure to keep your feet in line and stabilize your balance. Breathe through your nose and feel your abdomen move in and out as you breathe.

Step 7 – Finally, stand and do your breathing exercises. As you breathe through your nose, you should feel your abdomen, not your chest, rise and fall.

Be sure to not skip any steps!

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